Recycled Plastic (PCR) Now Available On A Wide Selection Of Products

Our Journey Towards A Circular Economy

Sustainability is now a major factor for decision-makers. Environmental concerns, consumer demand, corporate responsibility, government policy, tax incentives, and other factors are all influencing sustainable decisions.
As market leaders, we are responsible for shaping our industry. We have a commitment to a responsible circular economy where products can be recycled and reused multiple times.
We understand that our customers have ambitious sustainability commitments and to meet them, they need the products to match. That is why at Rieke Direct we spend countless hours finding and evaluating eco-alternative products that are sustainable by design and include PCR. Once products are found we subject them to our extensive and rigorous testing protocols to guarantee the long-term reliability, consistency, and repeatability of every product. To date, we have built up an impressive suite of products that meet the sustainability challenges of today and tomorrow. We are confident that we can find the solution to even your most challenging of requirements.
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